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The nectar eaters attracting flax flower is theme in this free online puzzle featured by New Zealand vacations in West Auckland.

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Flower of the New Zealand flax ...

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New Zealand Flax

From November to the beginning of January the New Zealand flax is flowering. The profuse available nectar then attracts many native birds like the tui.

The colour of the blossom is yellow-orange to deep red-orange. It grows on up to five metre tall spears with branches holding many upright tube-like blooms. Colours of leaves and flowers depend on variety, so does the overall bush size. Flax varieties are well presented on both coasts east and west.

The plant has a long history in being source for all sorts of domestic products and medicinal uses. Today the weaving of harakeke, as it is traditionally called, experiences a revival in supporting cultural identification and naturally in souvenirs from New Zealand. So does the use of its beneficial qualities. More and more skincare products are developed with extracts of the flax plant.

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