Farm Life Experience For Aucklanders

A Family Activity In Ambury Regional Park

New Zealand and farm life is one thought. Dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables and related products take an important place in New Zealand's export industry. On the other hand city folks are often strangers to life on a farm. Filling this gap their are some places in and around Auckland City to go to. One of these is Ambury Regional Park.

Ambury Regional Park, sheep Ambury Regional Park aerial view

The Ambury Regional Park offers:

Park visitors reach Ambury Regional Park by travelling 15 minutes south of Auckland. Trough the public transport system a bus passes close by. Self drive options are your own car or a rental car for a day trip. Motor home drivers on the other hand can pre-arrange a stay within the park. Follow this link to Google maps to get directions.

  • Public transportation the bus stop is on Kiwi Esplanade at the park entrance
  • Toilet block  
  • Disabled access
  • Farm Education Building
  • Four picnic areas with BBQ (2 electric and 2 wood burning), one book able site has a capacity for 500 persons
  • Walks, one of them are pram friendly all less than 1 hour long
  • Bird watching and farm animals viewing, seasonal are the milking of cows and feeding of lambs
  • Wedding celebration or civil union celebration may be held on park grounds. A permit can be obtained by the Senior Ranger Recreation under the number: 09 366 2044.

Stay over night

  • Book able space with basic camping facility is available for up to 60 persons (tent, trailer, campervan, or caravans)
  • A SCC approved motor home can stay for a limited time (1 night) on the main car park
  • Budget accommodation nearby can be searched for through HOSTELWORLD
  • Compare budget and mid range accommodation solutions close by in Manukau City


Booking and map details:

Here is a detailed park map to download in pdf format. The map is perfect to familiarize yourself with the park facilities. The number to call for any pre-bookings at the Auckland Regional Council is: 09 366 2000.

Farm DayClick the cow herd picture to play an online puzzle.

Farm Life experience

Ambury Regional Park is fifteen minutes south of Auckland City located. Its views stretch over Manukau Heads and the Waitakere Ranges in the distance. It is great family destination to have a first farm life experience. The park facilitates viewing and interaction with farm animals.

One of the main yearly events is the 'Farm Day'. Each year in October the park celebrates spring time on a farm with interactive farming education. Year round activities in and around the park are beside of animal viewing, short walks, bird watching, BBQ and camping.

Other places to observe farm animals like sheep and cows around Auckland are: Mount Eden and Cornwall Park around 'One Tree Hill' as well as other parks like Shakespear Regional Park.

Barry Ross Smith

Barry is an emerging New Zealand artist whose picture series about farm life preserves key moments and moods during daily working routines. The farm pictures tell a story about human leading on, organising, and selecting NZ farm animals, and the gate between them.

"Part of my ambition as an artist is
to express emotion and thought simultaneously."

Barry Ross Smith was born and raised in New Zealand. His professional training included sign writing and commercial artist. Meeting and painting with an American artist in 1995 moved his focus to take pleasure in outdoor scenes and life models.

Road's End

The very first public exhibition was held in 2008, the year he too started to study at Whitecliffe School of Art in Parnell, Auckland to gain his Master of Fine Arts degree.

Please follow the following link for more examples of the work of Barry Ross Smith.

Do you fancy telling a New Zealand story? Go ahead to do so!

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