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The New Zealand bird, fantail is motif of this online bird puzzle.

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fantail Jigsaw Puzzle

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New Zealand Birds in Free Online Bird Puzzles

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A Native New Zealand Bird

This native bird is a common sight throughout the nation's bush. There are about 40 different species. All have a big tail that is able to fan out in common. The tail is where they got their name from. The fan like tail is not only for decoration. It helps the bird to turn sharply when hunting its prey with precision and speed.

Their diet consists of small insects and invertebrates. The bird has two forms of hunting one is to sit and wait for insects to fly by and then fly after them. Once their hunt had been successful the prey is returned to its perch for consumption. Another way is for the bird to be walking along the vegetation looking for its prey.

The nesting birds share the role of looking after the young ones and nest building. The nests are made with grass stems held together with spider silk. A ten day creation phase lets the nesting couple finish a nest in a cup like shape, ready for the breeding period.

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How to style your own puzzle

Lear how to use your own digital material to style memorable puzzle gifts suitable as travel gifts, gifts for friends or family.

  • Classic puzzle in the dimension 10"x14" with 252 pieces without gift box or 8"x10" with gift box.
  • For an additional variety on jig saw puzzle shape (heart shape, round shape, panorama) and dimension skip to photo puzzles. There you also find the choice of piece size and a wide spectrum on amount of pieces which makes fantastic gifts suitable for any age, from puzzle starter to the proficient  puzzle enthusiast.

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