Family Beach Vacation Activities

at Cornwallis Beach

Cornwallis Beach is popular for family beach vacation activities out west. The beach stretches from north to south for about 3 km.

Cornwallis BeachCornwallis Beach is known for its family friendlyness

By entering from the car park at the north  end a strategically placed pou whenua welcomes beach visitors. 

It is a piece of Maori art carved out of wood commemorating the relation between the Maori people of the land, their ancestors and the environment. This New Zealand sculpture stands for the strong spiritual ties between Maori culture and New Zealand.

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Facilities are:

  1. Sandy beach
  2. Shallow water, slowly gaining on depth
  3. Plenty of natural shade by trees
  4. Toilets with changing room and outside shower
  5. Drinking water tabs
  6. Picnic tables, sun protected BBQ area's (pre-bookable for larger groups) surrounded by gras
  7. Beach fishing, fishing of the wharf or of the boat
  8. Boats ramp at the wharf (south end)
  9. Short scenic walks

The family beach has a gently sloping sandy shoreline with calm waters forming a safe playing, swimming, and fishing environment. Ranking the beach as a favourite for parents with smaller children. Families meet there to enjoy beach activities like water skiing, beach fishing, fishing from the canoe, or from the wharf at the south end. Cornwallis wharf is one of sixteen Manukau wharves. It is the last one standing. Renewed old and young meet there to fish around the best fishing time at Manukau Harbour. It is one hour before and one hour after high tide.

Those who prefer to eat rather than to catch the fish can stroll of beach walking or to short scenic walks. On the way to McLachlan Monument scenic views of Manukau entrance are very enjoyable.

The setting at Cornwallis Beach is surrounded by New Zealand bush with plenty of space in between. Therfore inviting all sorts of ball games, frisbee, or badminton. Families and groups gather around picnic tables that are scattered along the beach profiting from the generous shade given by pohutukawa trees. A couple of free to use shaded barbeque areas are in place, too. For bigger family events they can be pre-booked at the Auckland Regional Council. In short Cornwallis Beach is a family beach that caters for the needs of the whole family and their beach vacation activities.

Check the water quality at West Auckland beaches under the New Zealand government websites.

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How to get to Cornwallis Beach

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A gravel road turning left off Huia Road coming from Titirangi leads to this popular beach. Cornwallis Beach gets the whole family involved. Taking a cooling dip, building sandcastles, playing ball games, fishing, and boating while enjoying one of Auckland's fabulous beach picnic spots in the shade of pohutukawa trees or making use of provided BBQ facilities.

There is something for everyone to take pleasure in.

Skin care on family beach vacation activities

Do it the kiwi way while enjoying the great outdoors:

"Slip, Slop, Slap, and Wrap!"

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