Emigrating to New Zealand

A Rewarding Odyssey

Emigrating to New Zealand was a decision made out off passion on our vacation. Circumstances were special in many ways.

A six months visitor visa introduced a strict time limit supported by the fact that the children had to start school. Budget limits demanded action now. Language skills that lay dormant for over a dozen years, documents remaining unprepared in Germany, and finally having been far from the ideal emigrant from twenty to twenty five years old with excellent professional training and experience added technical hitches to the mission.

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What made us give it a go anyway?

The growing love to New Zealand , the country, the people, the attitude to lifes' demands in a straight forward manner, the values transmitted, and the schools. Everything just resonated within, between this country and me. It was how I wished my children to grow up.

So we followed the kiwi style and gave emigrating to New Zealand a go.

How to enter this Odyssey?

Friends old and new, that already had past the emigration to New Zealand procedure successfully, were encouraging. This helped a lot to build up confidence for the task lying ahead. Though each situation was unique, therefore their endeavour too. Some hired the service of consultants; others started with consultants and finalized it by themselves; again others proceeded right from the beginning all by themselves.

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The immigration New Zealand is encouraging:

"We treat all applications equally – whether you apply yourself or through an agent or representative."

The task at hand emigrating to New Zealand gained shape through the support of friends, relatives, and custom officers. Otherwise New Zealand would still be just a dream.

Our adopted moto after J.W.von Goethe is:

Don’t dream your life, live your dream.

The ultimate catalyst

Passing the language test was the first step and ultimate catalyst to proceed with the application.

Weeks were filled with piles of paper dealing with requirements and applications alongside with hours of studying them. The focus was directed to find a way to reach the most wanted outcome. We decided on a friends’ approach and advanced straight for a permanent residency. Therefore we gathered document translations, evaluations of qualifications of the NZQA, medical and police reports, job offer and so on. Pressure arose by the delay of the mail that held original documents necessary for being translated and witnessed. With their arrival we tendered the application in June.

Time went by, all efforts to forward the application or find out about the status failed. A couple of days before the visa expiration we changed the tactic. We filed an application for work and study permit. This feat secured our legal status in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report prepares for this task and leaves guesswork and assumption to the past.

Confident the twins started to study English , reading, and writing. According to New Zealand standards school starts at the age of five. Under this aspect the twins were late to do so with their six and a half years of age. We too, decided on a school and moved. Our first own home became a double-decker bus in a front yard of very dear friends.

In the second October week the eagerly awaited work and study permit arrived. Subsequently the children started school officially with term four and I work.

Permanent residence at risk

A happy ending to emigrating to New Zealand was again jeopardised. Seven months later, my job was gone, and my arm was diagnosed with syndrome of overuse. Finding a job for the second time proofed to be more difficult. In regards to the weakened arm I tried to change the condition of work permit. Here misunderstandings between immigration service and me almost cost us our legal status of residing in New Zealand. Thanks to a very competent ombudsman this matter was solved in a flash. A position in the same trade as previously came up and a variation of conditions was submitted.

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Final test on emigrating to New Zealand

Two years from then we received the all important letter. Our passports were expected at the Immigration Service in Wellington the capital of New Zealand to be issued the stamps that granted permanent New Zealand residency. Despite tracking code the mail containing our passports got lost on the way. Undeterred I believed in their recovery. Days later a call from the Wellington police released the good news. A kind Wellington citizen found all three of them in his letterbox and forwarded them to the police. The police then delivered kindly the passports to their original destination. Without further detour the passports were issued with the stamps, posted, and reached us safely.

Personal rewards of emigrating to New Zealand

In retrospective despite of certain misunderstandings it was rewarding to persue the emigrating to New Zealand process on our own. The whole procedure trained in confidence, persistence, faith, and patience. Studying immigration guides and permit applications on government websites was a great practical English exercise.

Communicating with officials taught to ask the right questions and staying persistent to receive correct answers. Receiving approval of permanent residency, with the resources available led to a deep appreciation of every single past experience. Especially the trade I happened to acquire more by accident than by intention that yielded the target, regardless of all further studies and qualifications.

Find out how we apply learned attitudes during the process of emigrating to New Zealand to follow the next step on living our dream life. Read on and you may find a way to living your dream too.

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