Egreetings Twittered by New Zealand Birds

New Zealand birds twitter your egreetings from your holiday using free online cards to send to friends and family.

New Zealand bird, tomtit

Frequent visitors to Auckland’s coasts are seagull and cormoran. Reserves like Whatipu that provide special protection to its inhabitants, attract less common seabirds like the Caspian tern and oystercatcher. Even endangered species like the dotterel build their nest there just above the shoreline. In Muriwai Regional Park each year a windy corner on top of the cliffs becomes nesting ground to a growing number of Australasian gannets. Every now and then kingfishers frequent the shore.

The wetlands and roadside ditches are regular feeding grounds of the attractive swamp hen with the traditional name pukeko. Their endangered brother the takahe is home in protected areas like the open sanctuary on Tiritiri Matangi Island. The pest free island gives home and shelter to many endemic, native and non-native birds. Amongst these are rare and endangered endemic species like the spotted kiwi, the saddleback and the kokako.

Amongst the feathery visitors of backyards rich on garden flowers or flowering trees are tuis, fantails, silvereyes, blackbirds and mynas. Sometimes even the kereru comes to dine on fruit carrying trees.

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Flying gannets
Flying Gannets
Australasian gannet at Muriwai
Pied Comoran
Juvenile seagulls fighting at Long Bay
black swan
Black Swan
Kereru, wood pigeon
Siver eye bird or waxeye bird
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