Eastern Rosella in Cascade Kauri Park

by Mariam

Eastern Rosella Pair At Twilight

Eastern Rosella Pair At Twilight

A pair of Eastern Rosella was feeding at twilight at the edges of the golf ground in the Cascade Kauri Park. We were lucky to watch them on our last visit in August 2012. It was the first time that we got the chance to recognise them and capture them on camera.

They look colourful with their red heads and white cheeks. The red paired with their greenish tail and yellow underbody give them away when flying past as do their screeching sounds and vivid chatter.

Native to south east Australia, they populate New Zealand since the beginning of the twentieth century after a shipment to Dunedin, on the South Island, was refused entry. In response the captain let his cargo loose. Separate to this incident other areas on the North Island were populated with the Eastern Rosella. Wellington and Auckland were among them.

Today these parrots are widely spread and made the open forest, parks and gardens their home.

The photo was taken:

Camera: Fuji S1000
By: Mariam from www.EasyHealthyRecipesForKids.com


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