Disembarking at Walter Peak - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest

by Michael Kemp
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Disembarking at Walter Peak

Disembarking at Walter Peak

On a long overdue trip around parts of the South Island in October 2007, we took an afternoon/evening trip on the TSS Earnslaw for a Buffet Dinner at Walter Peak Station on the far side of Lake Wakatipu. Here we see passengers disembarking at Walter Peak.

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Lake Wakatipu

Showing a reverse N-shape, 'Lake Wakatipu' is with 80 km in length the longest of New Zealand’s lakes. The water surface area brings the lake onto the third place by size. Its depth reaches up to 420 metres. The finger lake, an expression adopted by its form, is also well known for its seiches that are particularly noticeable at Queenstown Bay, where in a period of about 27 minutes the water rises and falls 20 centimetres.

Surrounded by the Southern Alps the inland lake is a scenic jewel visited by tourists on their New Zealand travel. Travellers arrive in Queenstown by self driving, by domestic flights, or by bus roundtrips. Queenstown, the adventure capital of the South Island is located on the northern shore in the middle of the lake and one of the must sees. Find a place to stay! One of the highlights on a visit is a lake trip on a vintage steamboat with a visit at Walter Peak, a high country farm.

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