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The page "Digital Photo Contests" showcases photo submissions of the past year. Hobby photographer submitted 'Images of New Zealand' through their photo lenses. Each photo shares a story so feel free to explore and leave your comment.

The New Contest Topic is 'Walking in New Zealand'

Walking, hiking, tramping have all in common unhindered views overlooking seascapes or gently sloping hills clad in lush greens. Rare native birds or more common curious fantails. What did you find worthy of taking a photograph of?

'Walking in New Zealand' photo contest, ...

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The result of past photo competitions

July 2013


September 2012

Go to sunset at Karekare


August 2012

Go to Eastern Rosella in the Cascade Kauri Park


June 2012

Go to view of Auckland City from North Head


Go to view to Auckland from Devonport

April 2012

Go to view from above


Go to sunlight through pohutukawa

March 2012

Go to stolen view at cathedral cove


Go to working together
The beauty of Abel Tasman Park
Midday Reflection
Streets of this city are paved with gold
Rustik Bliss

February 2012

Golden Piha Glow
Moonrise Over The Bays


January 2012

Horsing Around On Sunset
Christmas Sky
View Over Rangitoto


December 2011

Oriental Bay, Wellington


Photo by fellow contestants

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The Beehive in Wellington - July 2013 - NZ Photo Contest 
It was a sunny but brisk winter’s day in the city of Wellington. We were waiting outside the ‘Beehive’ on the steps of parliament house in anticipation …

Sunset at Karekare - September 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
This picture was taken on a mild autumn’s evening while sitting on a sand dune watching the sun set. I used a 'Fuji S1000fp' digital camera to capture …

Sunlight through Pohutukawa - April 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Taken at Karekare beach, in March 2012. Here the surf and sand kicked up a lot of dust, creating this great effect in the high midday sunlight. My …

Moonrise over the Bays - February 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Moon rise in February 2012 at Browns Bay beach. I have taken it with a 50D 50mm 15s f/5 ISO100 Thank you, Annette for submitting this serenely …

Wellington - December 2011 - NZ Photo Contest 
Sailboats resting in Wellington Bay at dawn. Voting Details: This special photo is in the December 2011 …

Eastern Rosella in Cascade Kauri Park 
A pair of Eastern Rosella was feeding at twilight at the edges of the golf ground in the Cascade Kauri Park. We were lucky to watch them on our last visit …

Typical Cloudy Auckland - June 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Rainy and cloudy Sunday morning. It was a rainy and windy Sunday morning, was trying to protect my camera, tried to keep them dry as much as possible and …

Twilight at Piha Beach - June 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Piha has been a real gem for our family outings, where we can surf, relax, and visit amazing parts of the Waitakere forest. I hope it will be a significant …

Auckland City from North Head - June 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
On a visit to North Head I was captivated by the views and particularly the cloud formation of the day. I want to share this image of these clouds, and …

View From Above - April 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is very much better at the top. It was a very long walk going to the top but it was worth the …

Kerosene Creek - April 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
I'm an ex-pat from the UK and currently living in Northland. My girlfriend & I were recommended this spot by a campsite owner. Found South of Rotorua, …

Kapiti Island Sunset - April 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Sunset of Kapiti Island taken on Christmas Day Dec 2011 from Otaki Beach. I liked the way the red colours went with the Christmas season like Santa Claus's …

Rustic Bliss - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
out the back of Waihola, the untouched beauty that will be rarely seen Thank you Tina, for entering the contest. It is a really interesting atmosphere …

Streets of This City Are Paved With Gold - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Wellington at night, on a rainy, misty day. Canon PowerShot S90 Thanks Peter, for participating. You chose a brilliant title for a magnificent …

Midday Reflections - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
Taken at Bayswater's Marina, on Auckland's North Shore this summer. Equipment: Nikon D7000 + 18-105mm Thank you, Lily this is a beautiful photo. I love …

The Beauty of Abel Tasman National Park - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
This picture was taken in Marahau in the Abel Tasman National Park when I was travelling in New Zealand between January-February 2012. The beach was underwater …

Working together - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
We love going out to Muriwai Beach to photograph the gannets. On the day I took this photo, the gannets were very busy flying around and getting their …

Stolen view at Cathedral Cove - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
My first time in Coromandel we set off to Cathedral Cove for the day, as my friends son ran down the beach i snapped away using only my iphone. It was …

Disembarking at Walter Peak - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
On a long overdue trip around parts of the South Island in October 2007, we took an afternoon/evening trip on the TSS Earnslaw for a Buffet Dinner at Walter …

Golden Piha Glow - February 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
It was great having a photo shoot at Piha Beach. We took photos in the late afternoon, evening and waited for the sunset. There were such lovely colours …

Views over Rangitoto - January 2012 - NZ Photo Contest  
I took this photo recently as part of a photography shoot at North Head in Devonport. I have lived in Auckland all my life and never been up to North Head …

Horsing Around On Sunset - January 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
This is a pic taken by my hubby on a VERY average digi cam. It was taken unbeknown to us as we were playing with our horses in the surf on a stunning night …

Christmas Sky - January 2012 - NZ Photo Contest 
I took this photo of the sky above the Waitakere Ranges on Christmas night. I left the shutter open so that I got a gradient in the sky and the car's lights …

Pohutukawa -December 2011- NZ Photo Contest 
I took this photo of some Pohutukawa in Point Chevalier. I really like the colours and the contrast between the foreground and background. The photo …

Early Morning in Oriental Bay, Wellington

December 2011 - NZ Photo Contest

Waking up early, around 6:30a.m. after a flight from the USA - I witnessed Oriental Bay awakening at dawn. Sail boats, the ocean, and of course the busy …

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