Cloud Hill

Cloud Hill in Omarama

Cloud Hill in Omarama

Cloud Hill in Omarama does its name justice as you can see on this amazing photo puzzle.

After a rainy tour through the mountains we were fortunate to check into the motel opposite the hills, without pre-booking. Between Fox Glacier and Omarama there was no vacant place to find for sitting out the rain and enjoy the scenery hiding in there.

At arrival there was nothing particular special on Omarama other than following the reputation of Canterbury to be the drier part of the South Island.

Just in time to see the sundown the sun broke through. Between all the unpacking and arranging I took a peek outside to catch this magnificent glow onto the hills.

The spectacle took less than five minutes but it made Omarama memorable to us.

The sun and the scenery complement each other sometimes astonishingly to surprise after a rainy or unmentionable period.

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