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Christmas Wishes from New Zealand

New Zealand placed on the southern half of the globe, experiences Christmas in summer. The blooming pohutukawa tree gives many coastlines a reddish tint. At the same time, the school is due to end its school year and the long summer holidays are about to start. Therefore, it is the busiest time of the year. End of year celebrations for those who leave to go on and end of year awards go hand in hand with yearly school reports. For many companies the main holidays are right before their doorstep accompanying a company closure until the second January week.

Despite the busy summer season, Christmas is like in other parts of the world a time to reconnect, get in touch, and a time of giving. New Zealand Christmas celebrations take place in parks, gardens, at the pools, and at the beach. In short, Christmas means summer, sun and many outdoor activities at he beach and bush.

Understandably, this makes following the Christmas traditions that came with the pioneers a bit awkward. The result is that sometimes tendencies come up to change and redefine Christmas. Christmas trees change colours to pink, white, and black, as well as metal sculptural replacements. Tree decoration ornaments reflect New Zealand’s uniqueness and often use materials and designs that belong to the land.

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Stage of Christmas in The Park
Best X'mas
Bright Christmas
Bright x'mas
Blooming Pohutukawa Tree
X'mas Tree
Christmas Wishes
X'mas Wishes
 Christmas Spaceship of Christmas in the park
Merry X'mas
Santa, wishing you a Merry Christmas
A Gift From Santa
Santa’s Gift
Season Greetings
Blooming Pohutukawa Tree
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