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Send an e-greeting card in celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival. Since more than one decade, the lantern festival became a yearly event that takes place in Albert Park in the heart of Auckland.

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The Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park

The festival duration is three days. Highlight of the event are an illuminated Albert Park with a lantern display that changes each year. Traditional and modern Asian singers and artists perform on multiple stages throughout the park. Local martial art clubs introduce themselves and their club through a variety of displays. Stalls with mouth-watering delicacies of the Asian cuisine tempt hungry festival goers.
The celebration welcomes the first full moon that rises fifteen days after the Chinese New Year. This tradition goes back beyond the 6th century with plentiful stories told about its origin. What they have in common is celebrating light, life, and the strength of unity.

Bringing communities closer in traditions and celebration is the fuel behind the initiative of the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Auckland city council. These are the organizing parties behind the event in Auckland and the subsequent week in Christchurch.

Plenty of motifs present themselves for observant cameras on the go during the Auckland lantern festival.

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Entrance to lantern festival in Albert Park Auckland
Lantern Arch
Folk dance troup
Dance troup
Tiger lantern
Folk dance
Folk dance
Mclaurin chapel lit up
Dancing dragon lantern display
Swan lantern
Swan lantern
Frog lantern
Chinese masks
Moon alley
Moon alley
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Lantern festival

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