Is Business Online Advertising It?
Becomes a Central Question

Advertising is for many businesses essential, but is business online advertising a solution?

Mark Twain, Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.


In off-line advertising, consistency brings the desired results in getting noticed as well as for staying in the centre of public interest. This has a direct influence on the advertising budget and makes it often costly. Many smaller businesses or services lack funds to keep the consistency part of advertising up. They have to be either very creative or to depend on word of mouth buzz. Naturally the verbal recommendation from friends or family to friends or family is the best type of customer referral a business could possibly wish for. Yet, this often proofs to be a rather lengthy process.

Meanwhile many small business owners are occupied with day to day tasks. Some may have envisioned the future of e-commerce and plundered their promotion budget. They hired a web-master to build an online store or online presence only to realise an e-store front or service presence on the internet is brilliant, as long as it gets traffic. The circle closes and they are right at the beginning again.


Can your business online advertising gain from a page within our site?

How does it work?


Provide the information and pictures.


Build a keyword optimized page related to your business with its own customized contact form directed to your personal e-mail address.


In general businesses who believe they could profit of the site traffic, businesses outside West Auckland or preferring an advertising free zone and a customized layout. 

Your Advantages :

  • Best risk free business exposure with a full page.
  • If applicable transparency on lead generation (contact form for services)
  • Care free set up and maintenance free
  • Your online presence profits of targeted traffic generated by our steadily growing SBI! website.
  • Increased chance of being found for your service in the www

Solution 1

Risk free advertising:

  • Own ad free web-page
  • Have your own build in lead generating contact form
  • The price is negotiable and is paid per year or risk free per lead.

Example 1  Example 2

Solution 2

Own web-page

  • Ad free
  • Up to two links to any page of your site ('nofollow' attribute)
  • Blog like add-on, allows upto 50 posts with comments (reviewed)

Example 1

Advertising enquiries

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