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On New Zealand Vacations in West Auckland

Thanks for your interest in a business ad on an existing and indexed page within the website of

You are in search of ad space on a well established site. Then you came to the right place.

In December 2007 the first pages went online. Since then the site grew, and evolved from two columns to three columns, from a simple online block building system to a css style sheet driven template to BB2 from SBI!

With each step content, design and ways to interact became more and more sophisticated resulting in a firmly established site whose traffic and site community is growing and with that page-rank and alexa-rank. The way we can offer advertisement today is a sum of all these developments.

Aim is to match advertisers and pages by content and using ad sizes that are in co-relation with the site design.

The sizes of static ads:

  • 728/90 header board
  • 336/280 below the first paragraph or above the social field
  • 160/600 below or above the extra navigation bar
  • 550/413 below the first paragraph
  • Custom sizes will be considered and evaluated of suitability

An ad can be placed on a single page or on a group of pages. A group consists of topic related pages, numbers vary. We prefer static ads but would also consider publishing a YouTube clip.

Other solutions are possible:

Should you feel New Zealand Vacation in West Auckland could be of service in your advertising efforts then please check out the terms and conditions for a business ad and contact us for further discussion.

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