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Deciding on a bus travel with Intercity Coachlines, means choosing to travel New Zealand like locals do. Intercity Coachlines as the largest bus operator services North and South Island. Reasons to consider travelling New Zealand using their services ....

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Reasons to Travel With 'InterCity Coachlines'

  • Travelling alongside New Zealanders
  • Extensive network connecting more than 600 cities, towns and communities
  • More than 120 daily services
  • Modern fleet of coaches connect destinations over night or day
  • Pre-booking or changes to bookings can be done until 2 hours before departure without penalty, by phone or internet. A mobile site allows this also on the go
  • Pass is valid for 12 months
  • Get on or off the bus wherever you like
  • Keeping your carbon foot print while travelling as low as possible yet preserving your flexibility

Travelling Like Locals Do

Travelling like the locals do brings you in the position to learn about and exchange with people living in this beautiful country. Therefore you may have different experiences than would be possible when travelling solely under tourists.

The extensive network and daily servicing schedules give you the chance to a wider selection of times and destinations to drive to hence more flexibility to adjust to whatever sparked your interest.

All passes are valid for 12 months. Though they can’t be redeemed when unused they can be transferred. Topping up your bus pass, booking or changing a booking is easy. Either do it online, use the phone or mobile site until two hours before departure without penalty.

One way fares start at $1 the lucky first seat booked on each bus ride. The rest of the prices are economical too. The prices respond with reductions to different customers like children or students. For tourist travellers and commuters InterCity developed a range of different passes. These include for frequently used routes, the amount of trips planned or a pass that is based on time you will use the bus services.

New Zealand Bus Pass - Bus TourNew Zealand Bus Pass

Here you can get a quick overview of what destination to reach and the time needed to do so.  On the North Island the cities Auckland and Rotorua are hub for a selection of daily running bus travel trips or bus tour combos. On the South Island these are the cities Christchurch and Queenstown. GreatSights a subdivision of the InterCity Group has a 24 hours reservation window, competitive prices, and a complementary hotel pick-up and drop-off service. The luxury coaches are designed for sightseeing. For some tours the coaches are fitted with glass roof tops for unhindered enjoyment of the passing scenery while multilingual commentary accompanies the trip.

A New Zealand bus travel is summed up in competitive pricing, high flexibility, luxury coaches, easy reservation. So check it out.

After your journey remember to come back and leave a quick note how you liked the 'InterCity Coachlines' services.

What's your favourite way of getting around while travelling NZ?

How do you prefer to travel around NZ? Why Do you like it that way? What would you have done differently and why?

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