Body Balance with Kinesiology

Verena Stevenson<br><br>Mem. : Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board

Verena Stevenson

Mem. : Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board

Maintain and gain body balance through a holistic health care approach.

Kinesiology, a holistic health practice, utilizes the universal body mind spirit wisdom of both eastern & western traditions. The ancient healing knowledge of the east becomes more understandable through the fascinating new insights provided by western science.

A kinesiologist is a holistic health practitioner who uses gentle manual muscle testing. The muscle gives biofeedback to identify factors that are blocking the body's natural healing ability.

Considering the interconnectedness between physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each human being proved to be most effective with persistent symptoms.

The beauty:

  • Gentle method to bring body in balance

  • Involves the whole being in body-mind-spirit

  • Works at a personal level where each individual is at

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How we use Kinesiology
by: Beate

Kinesiology means for me the easiest and most precise way to analyse how we are emotionally involved in any symptom or discomfort our bodies reflect. The simple muscle testing procedure, Verena sensible handling of the problems at hand, and the wise analytic mind of hers take the guesswork out which remedy or therapy would be most effective to help dissolve the problem.

Some examples:

1. For more than ten years I carried a tension underneath of one of my shoulder blades. It did restrict me in some movements since the tension somehow travelled into my neck and caused severe headaches with nausea. Stress had the same effect. One day I decided to try to balance the muscles involved by Verena. From then on this tension and the regular occurring headaches and feeling of sickness were gone.

2. A balance always helps when I am caught up in feelings of insecurity, restlessness, or powerlessness. These tend to be reflected in hormone imbalances or once I had an overuse syndrome in my right arm. These symptoms were a bit more persistent. Kinesiology helped to understand how they were connected with my emotional body and understanding and healing of emotions is often the first step to getting better and regaining full life energy.

3. Every person's body has a personal way to express stress. When something is out of balance for my son he reacts with a runny nose. A session with Verena never fails to help within a couple of days. We receive an exact list of what triggers this reaction in form of sensitive reaction and the emotion behind it. Some vibrational drops and the foods to avoid for a tested time usually lets the symptoms disappear.

Success of a kinesiology session depends much on how open I as a patient was or how I choose to use the information received through the muscle test. One thing was always achieved emotional strengthening. Honest evaluation of the therapeutic feedback released in many cases the tension around the problem often with help of tested supplements and or vibrational medicines.

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