Bird Art Prints By Robyn Forbes

The creative cradle of bird art prints by Robyn Forbes is the coastal town Opotiki. Situated in the eastern Bay of Plenty and embraced by the rivers Waioeka and Otara who join forces to face the Pacific Ocean.

The region is rich on native vegetation and orchards that attract naturally NZ birds.

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Inspired by her surroundings Robyn Forbes bird paintings capture the energy of local bird life in their characteristics in form and behaviour as well as their unique colours. The result is quite energizing.

Robyn's artworks encompasses beside New Zealand birds the floral environment they live in.  For a wider selection please follow this link.

The kiwi bird is national bird and pride of New Zealand. Kiwis are only found here in this country, which makes them very rare creatures.

Few New Zealanders see these flightless birds outside sanctuaries.

The tui bird is one of the first birds to announce a new day with his song that is audible from afar about one hour before sunrise. 

Depending on the light his feathers reflect from black to metallic green. His white throat tuft makes him easily recognizable

The kereru is also called New Zealand wood pigeon. Its heavy beat of wings surprises every now and then on walks through the bush. Sometimes we are lucky and can watch this big pigeon sitting on a nikau palm enjoying a snack on the tree's fruits.

The fantail is a curious little fellow who often comes quite close to the trail and chirps happily while doing so. Occasionally it shows off his fan like tail for anyone to admire.

The pukeko is a large swamp hen. Endemic to New Zealand it can be seen in open pastures and wetlands. Most recognizable are it's long red legs and its beautiful blue plumage with a strong red beak.

It is a fascinating sight to see these birds balancing right on top of the long leaves of densely growing cutty grass.

Are you in search for the right bird art gift?

NZ artists are some of the finest. Their artworks suit many tastes. Nonetheless choosing the right piece for a family member or friends becomes sometimes a difficult task.

A practical solution:

Present a gift certificate, like this the gifted person can select whatever she or he likes best.

Paintings of Robyn Forbes and other works of NZ artists.

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