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and its travel planning variations

A bicycle tour New Zealand needs some up front decisions to further travel planning. Some involve the NZ cycling tour directly and others your bicycle gear.

Mountain Biking South IslandMountain Biking

The scope of your tour depends on personal preferences and time in the country. On the South Island the cycling itself is a lot more promoted than on the North Island. 

In the book  Mountain Biking South Island by Dave Mitchell easy to demanding back country rides come to live.

This is probably a result of a widely spread opinion about the south being more picturesque with less traffic on the road. On the other hand New Zealand is not really densely populated. One third of the entire population lives in and around Auckland.

In my opinion both Islands shine with spectacular regions so it really comes down to personal likes and dislikes.

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Cycle in New Zealand

There are different options on how to approach a bicycle tour New Zealand. All have in common that you get the most out of your New Zealand visit and are fine-tuned to your wants.

Considerations of a long term traveller and experienced cyclist vary to those with limited time to explore or the adventurous ones. Who are in search for the thrill in mastering a challenging off-road biking trip .

Tour NZ independent, pre-arranged, guided, half - half:

  • On your own terms, self planned, own pace, own equipment, own accommodation arrangements
  • A pre-arranged tour including cycling gear, maps, route and overnight stays in hostels, B&B, or hotels
  • A guided cycling tour with provided equipment, and an accompanying car to carry luggage, and for emergencies
  • Or maybe a combination off all is the way you would like to spent your vacations. A preset gives opportunity to leave the bus at any stop, for a multiple of the total tour length, to further explore an area by bike. This allows then to continue the tour by bus whenever you are ready. Like this it is possible to partly travel on your own and then again share time with other travellers. For the time with the bus, accommodation in tents and meals are organised. Bikes can be hired up front for the whole length of tour or a part of it. These tours are so flexible that you even can bring your own bike. On the extended it is up to you to arrange what you might need.
  • For those looking for the adventure part in cycling a fun day in a mountain bike park might be what they are looking for. Around Auckland there is the bike park, with bike hire opportunity, in Woodhill Forest. Parks usable with your own gear are Whitford Forest, or Hunua Ranges, for more ideas visit the site of the Auckland Department of Conservation
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Bring, hire, or buy a bike

Every option has its advantages:

  1. Bring your own bike. You know your own bike best. It has already proofed its reliability and you just love it. Find out how the conditions of your airline are for Special Items or Sport Equipments. In certain conditions you may be in luck and it will be transported without additional fee.
  2. Hire a bike. On the upside there are no worries about packaging the bike. Often helmet, cycling map, and service kit are included. If the bicycle is part of a it is easy to take a break and choose freely which part you would like to explore with a bike. On the downside there is a dependency on the brands and bikes available.
  3. Buy a bike with buy back guarantee, after finishing your nz cycling tour. This is offered by Adventure Cycles
Cyclists in New Zealand

On every bicycle tour New Zealand helmets are a must. Like all other vehicles, cyclists drive on the left. Especially around Auckland bicycles have to stay off the motorway. In general the road code for cyclists applies.

Depending on availability cycling paths are recommended within the cities and suburbs. For those starting off in Auckland these printable maps for city, northern, western southern and eastern region of Auckland might come handy.

Preparations to enjoy your holidays in New Zealand keep your skin protected from New Zealand’s intense sun rays. Staying hydrated is important, so include in your travel planning to take enough drinking water. This makes all the difference on longer stretches. Most off all enjoy your ride and the scenery.

Mountain Bike on a Cliff at Skippers Canyon, Near Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand
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With only a limited time at hand why not choose a guided ? Travelling in a group visit the main attractions and do further explorations by bike. Your own or a hired one. The biggest advantage, there is always professional advice of your guide and the opportunity to exchange travel experiences with other travellers.

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