Best Web Host
Is there a webhost who deserves this superlative?

What makes a hosting service the Best Web Host?

Small businesses and business start ups as well as those planning to build an online business often are proficient in many areas but web design, search engine optimisation, or understanding the principles of marketing online. A web host that qualifies for the superlative best takes its customers by the hand even before they become customers. Via a Facebook page or through twitter the opportunity is given to get to know each other by sharing insights and answering questions. On a more personal level a phone call clears all remaining questions. The true value is found after the business transaction.

The realm of virtual world brings up questions like:

-What is the advantage of doing it yourself?

Business start ups and small businesses often have a limited budget and even more limited time. Why would these groups still have an advantage to do it themselves? Being closely involved in this process gives the edge to be able to tailor the online presence to your business needs. You know your business best. During the process of building a virtual presence new development directions may catch your attentions that would remain hidden otherwise.  The DIYer can then choose to react, expand or correct directions.

Can it support an off-line business?

This question deserves a definite YES. The number of internet users is still growing and also expands to mobile devices. This fact ultimately changed the general behaviour on how to make a buying decision.

Sometimes it is down to exploring where to get a certain item or service. Nowadays potential customers even pre-research availability and check out reviews and recommendations on desired goods or services. These actions are part of the pre-decision and information gathering process that precede the actual transaction.

How to find out the best way to support an off-line business through a web presence?

By now I am sure it is clear, that an online presence has a much bigger and more important task than just stating where to find a certain business. Web users seek information far beyond the location. There comes importance in finding out what kind of information potential customers are seeking. A keyword research tool delivers valuable information about local and international search behaviour. This in turn reflects on customer needs.

Can your business even expand with the help of the web?

This question justifies another definite “yes”. With a web presence a local business can become a global business. Then expansions in many directions are possible ranging from selling ad-space, digital products to complementing your off-line business with affiliate products. Growth becomes limitless and available 24/7.

Is the best web host affordable?

Everyone has to answer this question for him/or herself.

How to start?

Find the best web host who seeks your success.

How does the best webhost face these questions?

Signing up to a service is simple. Finding your way around behind the scenes isn’t. For anyone starting a website Step by Step guide like the SBI! Action Guide is the partner to success. The Action Guide enables anyone following it to take the right action at the right time to steadily grow online. It is likely that there still will be times of feeling over whelmed, but much less than otherwise. Then support and constructive advice is always found in the SBI! own forum.

Absolute magnificent is everything what might be necessary is found in one place Site Central, well grouped and organized. Site Central is a fantastic control panel to research and build even go mobile by pressing simply one button. Integrating social media or encourage on-site interactivity is as easy as analysing and comparing, tracking traffic or exchanging thoughts and advice. This in my opinion makes SBI! the best web host.

The $50 thousand challenge in November 2011

Back in November 2011 to celebrate the 25 thousandth fan on Facebook Ken Evoy, the SBI! founder invited the fan community to take part in a 50 thousand dollar challenge. Anyone who could find a provable better webhost than SBI! was to win the prize of US$ 50.000.

Read up on Facebook out who won the prize ...

Since then SBI! kept on moving forward with ....

Do you have a question to the best web host?

Is it any wonder that the Facebook community multiplied since November 2011 by almost 15 times counting in July 2013 almost 370 thousand?

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