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West Auckland and beach walking holidays are one.

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Starting at Muriwai Beach in the direction north for about 60 kilometres a beautiful vast black sand beach stretches as far as your eyes can reach. It is an ideal setting to loose time and distance. Yet walking these distances bare feet might make them sore after a while. Additionally the sand can get quite hot so if you walk bare feet close to the water line is much more enjoyable.

Staying in an accommodation in Auckland gives the opportunity to join a tour by GoDo to be picked up and guided to explore the west coast beaches. True, independent and on your own terms a budget car rental is the better option, that even transports you to the southern part of West Auckland. There you find Whatipu a scientific reserve that extends between Whatipu and Karekare Point. The beach covers a distance of about eight kilometres. Here you may spot a varied bird life.

Birds are the reason behind the signs prohibiting to walk your dog there. Dotterels are home to the nearby coastal area and different bird species like the oystercatcher nest right above the high tide line.

How does this influence you beach walking holidays? When you see a pair of black birds excitedly gathering and becoming rather loud and defensive you sure came to close to their nest. Their eggs lie straight in the sand, so that passers by hardly recognize them as such.

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Shorter beach walks

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Between Muriwai and Whatipu is a selection of beaches that are smaller. Just before Muriwai is Maori Bay snuggled at the feet of Otakamiro Point. There the Australasian gannets nest and interesting stone formations mark the southern end. Children love to climb them and can spend hours there.

Then there is Bethells Beach joined with O’Neill Bay which is popular under sunset surfer with a very peaceful atmosphere. Further south find Piha Beach. There Lion Rock splits the beach into north beach and south beach. Reach a remote cosy beach called Whites Beach by following a narrow path at the north end of Piha Beach. It is situated between Maori Bay and Piha.

Anawhata Beach is the most secluded beach. It nestles picturesque in a valley and borders rugged coastline to both ends. A 20 minute downhill path after nine kilometres of gravel road let you reach this peaceful oasis.

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Beaches fringing Manukau Harbour

Opposites of the beaches swept by the Tasman Sea are the beaches around the Manukau Harbour. These beaches are very tidal and their water is very calm.

Cornwallis Beach a popular family beach is the longest sand beach there. At low tide braced with gum boots many beaches connect from the water side and give a new impression after walking endless sand beaches. The beaches here provide more shadow to protect skin of the harsh sunrays.

Did the beach walking holidays bug get to you?

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