Auckland's Beach Pictures by New Zealand Artists

Fine art prints of beach pictures by New Zealand artists are vibrant in colour and loaded with emotion and symbolism. Each has its own way to express powerfully the impression that the west coast of Auckland transmits to its visitors.

Minimalist dining in colors of the sea

Minimalist dining in colors of the sea by kiaora-nz featuring Beach Star by Jane Puckey

Tony Ogle is full of symbolism, while Barry Ross Smith strength is his love for detail to capture a moment. Maryanne Thomsen chose the colours of a sunny day while Rob McGregor stylises an evening glow. Jane Puckey's strength is her photo realistic approach.

Displayed contemporary artists capture scenes at the sea with an eye for detail, a love for vibrant colours and humour that immediately brighten up the viewers’ day. The mood on New Zealand Prints is set by seascape, tide and weather.

Tony Ogle

Aloha Piha by Tony Ogle

Aloha Piha by Tony Ogle

Born in north of Auckland in Castor Bay, Tony started his career in commercial advertising but soon left this career path behind to set up a screen printing studio. His first prints reflecting his love to New Zealand's coast were sold in Auckland's galleries thereafter. To this day screen printing is Tony's preferred way to express his art graphically with strong colours in a strictly limited number of prints. His techniques became with experience more and more refined yet the seascape theme remains dominant.

His print ‘Aloha Piha’ is a wonderful example of the coast, fun activities outline in strong graphic colouring. Depth of meaning is added with the reference of pacific motifs in the sunset. The movement of the waves makes the scene very present.

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Barry Ross Smith

Bather 1 by Barry Ross Smith

Bather 1 by Barry Ross Smith

Barry Ross Smith is a contemporary popular New Zealand painter. In his painting ‘Bather 1’ a love for detail only achieved by observing models and objects very closely before they are captured on canvas. Themes out of day to day life in rural New Zealand like farm life, beach scenes, or the idyll of a bach are focal points in his artworks.

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Maryanne Thomsen

Muriwai Heads by Maryanne Thomsen

A young New Zealand artist, from Lower Hutt in the Wellington region, lives for her art and music. Maryanne launched her painting career with huge success. The first 13 months of her professional painter life returned a sale of 40 paintings. For a newcomer this is a fantastic achievement.

The displayed example gives an excellent tribute to her passion. Bright colours of a sun drenched day draw anyone right into the scene of watching the coming and going of nesting Australasian gannets at Muriwai.

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Rob McGregor

Piha by Rob McGregor

As a full time painter, since 2001, Rob McGrgor chooses the bright side of life. This attitude to life is epitomized through vibrant colours describing seascapes on canvas. Passionately the above art print shows the evening glow of ‘Lion Head Rock’ at Piha Beach. The exuberant use of the prime colours red, blue and yellow spread intensity, warmth and good mood.

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Jane Puckey

Piha, Lion Rock by Jane Puckey

Piha, Lion Rock by Jane Puckey

Beach Star by Jane Puckey

Beach Star by Jane Puckey

The New Zealand seascape and native plants are objects Jane Puckey brings to canvas. Loaded with energy through vibrant colours, love for detail and the art to paint light New Zealand scenes vibrate a strong mood.

Lion Rock is a well known landmark at Piha Beach, one of West Auckland most popular surf beaches. The viewer is drawn in and becomes part of the scene. While the painting ‘Beach Star’ gives a very detailed insight to the seed balls of spinifex grass that can be watched in autumn rolling in the wind on west coast beaches like Karekare and Whatipu.

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