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For many, auto rental New Zealand is the only way to travel. A great way to experience the country independent and flexible is driving a budget or premium car comfortably to any location of interest. 

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This is particularly valuable for tourists who like the main tourist tracks but enjoy even more to get side tracked or extend their stay on a special place for further exploration. For traveller on a budget car rental is as affordable as for premium traveller and for those requiring additional space, and or seats. 

Ace Rental Cars are specialised in one way auto rental with pick up and drop off branches on key locations in Auckland City, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Greymouth or Queenstown and Dunedin. This fact is handy to mix and match. Use a domestic flight to get faster to your preferred location or enjoy scenic train vacations with train ride on the Overlander on the North Island, the Trans Coastal or Trans Alpine train on the South Island. 

Even the ferry crossing can be woven in while leaving your rental in the Wellington, capital of New Zealand, use the ferry crossing at Cook Strait and pick up a new auto rental  in Picton. Tourists can choose to travel one way either south to north or vice versa north to south. So you can be sure to see what you intended to see in a time efficient and cost efficient way.

Marae, Maori meeting houseMarae, a Maori meeting house as online puzzle.

North to South or South to North

It pays off to check either direction before you book your flight. Due to the flow of tourist preferring to move from one direction into another there may be very well a surplus on more economic and cheaper cars at the other end. And if it doesn't make much difference to you whether your travel direction is north to south or south to north, you could end up paying less with Ace Rental Cars .


Before you set-off with your budget car rental New Zealand have a valid drivers licence, where applicable an international one, and study New Zealand’s safe driving tips. New Zealand has some road rules in place that exist only there. Prepare yourself, look them up, and most importantly understand them.

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Younger drivers between eighteen and twenty-five can expect that their excess in case of an accident is higher than for those over twenty-five.


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Book your hut, hostel, backpacker or hotel during peak season from October to March some days in advance. A precaution that ensures fulfillment of your sight seeing wish-list on your Ace Rental Cars tour with a budget or premium auto rental New Zealand.

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