Exploring Through the Eyes of an Artist in West Auckland

West Auckland is a region of New Zealand that is steeped in culture and heritage, and has a pure natural beauty making it an incredibly picturesque part of the world. People visit West Auckland for all sorts of different reasons, whether it is to trek the trails through the Waitakere Ranges, or to surf the waves at the sandy beaches of Piha. This wild nature and rich culture has made West Auckland a popular base for many artists, and it is fast becoming a popular destination for people keen to find out more about this creative side to West Auckland.

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Become a Travelling Artist

West Auckland is jam packed with interesting attractions and fun activities to enjoy for anyone who visits this special part of New Zealand, but exploring the region while at the same time exploring your passion for art can be truly fulfilling. Combining your love of art with the adventure of travel is a fantastic way to heighten your creativity and learn about the work of artists you may have never heard of before. Many artists from all over the world have come to West Auckland and been so amazed by the natural beauty that surrounded them that they never left. There is a smorgasbord of galleries, workshops, and craft markets where artists can meet, display their work, and develop their artistry skills. So if you want to travel through West Auckland and find out why artists are drawn to this particular spot in the world, read on to find out about some of the best places to visit.

Upstairs Art Gallery

The Upstairs Art Gallery is a leading art gallery in Auckland, and is a must on the itinerary of any artist travelling through Auckland. The gallery is governed by the Titirangi Community Arts Council, who focuses on promoting arts at the local level in Auckland. There is a new exhibition held here roughly every month, ranging from the work of emerging artists in the area and community art projects to exhibitions put on by local schools and their students. There are also dedicated poetry evenings, music events, film screenings, and theatre productions held at the gallery. Occasionally a workshop will be held for artists keen to develop their skills. You can find the Upstairs Art Gallery at 13 Totara Avenue, New Lynn.

Corban Estate Arts Centre

The Corban Estate Arts Centre was once the historic Corban Winery Estate, and since then the old buildings of the estate have been renovated and transformed into an excellent arts centre. It is one of the largest arts centres in West Auckland, and is home to a variety of galleries, artist studios, shops, and a cafe for when you need some refreshment. A wide range of events are held here, like film nights and art classes, with different classes for adults, teenagers, and children. Dance and music are also embraced here, with regular gigs and performances held at the centre. The Polynesian craft market is a great place to wander around, where you can view arts and crafts inspired by Polynesian culture and buy a piece if you see something you like. The Corban Estate Arts Centre is located at 426 Great North Road, Henderson.

The Art Post Studio

The fantastic Art Post Studio is in fact a complete working art gallery and studio, run by a close-knit group of local artists, along with their friends and family. It is a small place, but its size is no reflection on the quality of art that can be found here. All sorts of different styles and mediums of art are practised here, and every two months a fresh exhibition is held for everyone to come and marvel at. There really is something for everyone to enjoy and be fascinated by here, with some unique work you will be astonished by. On the weekends the studio creates cards for visitors to send home to their family and friends, making it a great stop for any travelling artist. The surrounding area is unspoilt coastline, where you can unwind, relax, and find inspiration for your next painting or illustration. To visit the Art Post Studio, head to 624 Huia Road, Parau.

Guest author:

Annie Clarkson, is a writer and researcher. As a part time history of art student she takes great pleasure in  travelling and experiencing the diverse art and culture in the world. Bringing her profession and passion together she publishes some of her work under www.iglucruise.com.

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