E-Cards With Amazing Photos

Taking amazing photos is often an act of looking closer and in more detail into objects.

Here is a selection of free e-cards reminding on trips along the coast, through bush, and rainforest.

The more attention we pay to the natural environment the closer we look the more it is clear how amazing nature’s designs and solutions are. 

Any image available throught he internet can be send as an egreeting card. A right click on the mouse lets you choose the command image info, where you find the URL. Copy and paste it into the field below and carry on writing your virtual card.

Step 1:

Amazing Photos to Choose Your E-card from!

Aerial roots
Aerial Roots
Root detail
Root Detail
Root plait
Root Plait
Flax detail
Flax Detail
Tree hole
Tree Hole
wild herb
Wild Herb
Nikau detail
Nikau Detail
Pohutukawa blossom
Pohutukawa Blossom
Te Paki
Te Paki
Tree knot
Tree Knot
Growing wild
Growing Wild
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Street art
Lantern festival

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