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Build your affiliate business generating affiliate income through affiliate marketing using top affiliate programs. Choose your hobby or passion to build an affiliate site and become the hub on the internet for like-minded people.

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Affiliate Business Concept

The affiliate business concept on the world-wide-web lives on driving traffic to merchants and an agreed compensation for the most wanted action goes to the affiliate. A most wanted response can be a click-through, sale of goods and e-goods, sign-up to e-zine, or a referral. Ideally a win-win-win situation is the outcome. 

Merchants reach more potential customers through increased exposure, affiliates earn with top affiliate programs, and buyers find valuable information linked to an excellent product. To enter an affiliation is usually free. Often you are expected to run your own blog or website.

Advantages of an affiliate business:

  • Low investment business start up
  • Business is fully customizable
  • To enter an affiliation is usually free
  • Low risk, merchants keep full responsibility for: Supply of products, ordering, credit card processing, product delivery
  • Affiliate income depends on marketing efforts and intensity
  • Free choice of product range to promote

How can you receive affiliate income?

The simplest way is to utilise the fact that people on the internet usually search for information and solutions. First find out what people are looking for in the niche of your interest. Thereafter build credibility and trust with valuable content on an easy to navigate site with an inviting look and feel. The website becomes your shop front.

Done right you end up with a genuine online business. Preferably your affiliate business is about something you love researching and writing about. Web pages filled with quality content and search engine optimized please customers and search engines. In fact over time the site is climbing up in page rank and returns more and more free traffic organically. Implement a variety of income streams to cash in on generated traffic. This could be a mix of ad space to sell, affiliate products to recommend, own e-products like a report or guide. You could develop a product or product line and use the affiliate system as a merchant to support your marketing efforts. If hard goods are the way to go explore developing your own product or use the drop-shipping system. In fact once you build up a following around your theme there is no limit to how to earn, only your imagination.

A proven method to achieve just this is the C-T-P=M process. C stands for content, T for traffic, P for pre-sell which results then in M for monetization. This process builds upon how people use the internet searching for information. Search engines deliver C content of websites that fit their search term. There we already are at the T traffic in the cycle. With great content optimized for search engines free traffic will arrive at the website. Your content then has the task to P pre-sell potential customers. Pre-sold customers convert more easily into buying customers at the sales page and result in M monetization.

Traffic generation:


For everyone:


Where to find the road map to your affiliate business success?

The Affiliate Masters Course guides through these questions:

  • How to do the research effectively?
  • How to find the key words site visitors are looking for?
  • How to build your website without HTML knowledge?
  • How to build a search engine optimized web-page?
  • How to submit your web pages to search engines?
  • How to exchange links that work and reward with search-engine recognition in better rankings?
  • How to analyse traffic and promotions?
  • Plus many things more, to make sure you can concentrate on growing your affiliate business rather than spending time to figure out all the technical stuff.
  • One of the best affiliate programs

Find out how SBI! (Solo Build It!) can help you with affiliate marketing

Enjoy the ride building your low investment business start up, growing affiliate income and developing your affiliations as a merchant. It's fun it's as diverse as you want it to be.

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