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Where to stay in Auckland?

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Accommodation Auckland is in the centre of interest for its gateway position. The Auckland international airport is for many travellers hub for arriving in New Zealand or departing from New Zealand by plane .

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The largest city to stop by while touring New Zealand tourist attractions on the North Island has many more qualities it is popular for. Therefore leisure and business tourism, national and international are attracted by Auckland activities and those near by.

There is a wealth of cultural events, museums to explore in walking distance of accommodation Auckland. The calender on Auckland events is filled year round with dates of annual cultural festivities for the whole family, highlights of the performing arts, music, and sports. Shoppers find pleasure in discovering the Queen Street or the exotic K'road by day. After sundown a buzzing nightlife exhilarates night owls with pubs, clubs, comedy, theatres and much more.

Tours through the city along the bays to the east please with panoramic views over the Waitemata Harbour. While the west coast along the Tasman Sea surprises with endless sand beaches interchanging with a rugged coastline and the Waitakere Ranges in the back. Some prefer to take it in while on a scenic flight and others are drawn out to the sea. Fishing trips, sailing tours, or dolphin discovery tours find many admirers.

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This diversity on activities is also reflected in accommodations available. It ranges from budget accommodation Auckland with basic facilities to luxurious and full conference qualities. Hotels in Auckland or apartment hotels  with a self contained aspect satisfy all demands for a comfortable stay in the city. The choice of your accommodation Auckland makes all the difference on how pleasant your stay may be.

For those who favour the region out west with the Waitakere Ranges and the unspoiled west coast check out West Auckland accommodation. If you are on transit you may want to choose Auckland airport accommodation.

What kind of accommodation Auckland?

Timeshare is private accommodation with highest state of luxury. Can be let or bought world wide. The extent on services categorizes as resort with private bedrooms with ensuite and spacious areas for cooking and socializing. Consistency in branches determines state of comfort and individual qualities that add a unique experience to your travel experience.

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Batch is a privately owned holiday home, whose owners sometimes rent it out to holiday guests.

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are defined by the amount of 6 rooms commercially let, providing meals for guests, and a public bar. Among hotels in Auckland sizes and room prices vary heavily. Every budget finds its match. While hotel chain subdivisions grant world wide consistency in their branches the smaller one are often run individually and are just as common. The extent on services and the state of comfort is always what is paid for. As gateway for traveller in transit Auckland airport accommodation takes an important place.

Lodges are places that provide accommodation and meals in varying states of luxury. There are some high end luxury lodges around New Zealand as well as those easy accessible from roads or for the budget traveller in form of backpacker lodges.

Motel is a roadside hotel with parking in the front.

Apartments in Auckland New Zealand add the additional independence for longer stays. Being serviced with bath and kitchenette a comfortable solution is found between apartment and hotel.

Bed and breakfast, and Boutiques are common with a high reputation all over New Zealand. Run by their owners each premise has individual qualities that add a unique experience to your stay.

Hostel, Backpacker, and YMCA are bookable through HOSTELWORLD . Each of them resembles a popular budget accommodation Auckland among travellers. The rooms vary from dorm with shared bath, cooking facilities, and lounge to single, double, or triple bedrooms with ensuite. Like this the required privacy is ensured with plenty of encounter places to meet  with fellow travellers and exchange company and travel experiences.

Accommodation alternatives on independent  self drivingtours in NZ:

Camping vacations is a favourite under kiwi families to spend quality time together. During summer and public holidays camp grounds become very busy. Just everyone seems to be out and about well prepared with enormous well equipped family tents. When following the kiwi way book ahead during the holiday season and public holidays is well advised.

New Zealand camper vans are a fantastic budget way to travel from one location to the next and saving the effort to pinch up a tent every time. Camper van travellers appreciate the flexibility to choose between campground, backpacker, or farmstay to park overnight and use kitchen, bath, and laundry facilities.

New Zealand motor home rentals are the luxurious edition for independent traveller touring the country. Being selfsustainable for a limited time enables to stop and rest at places that would be impossible otherwise. To refresh, dispose of waste water, socialising, and enjoying more spacious areas for cooking a wide net of holiday parks and campgrounds are spread all over the North Island and the South Island.

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