February 2012, Issue #002

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed a great start to 2012 and enjoyed your summer holidays, despite the many rainy days at the beginning of January. The first months of the year burst with new exciting energy and lots of events are lining up. Curiously many have historic roots so I do hope you like our chosen reviews and previews.

Overview for this issue:

  • Tramp to commemorate Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Past and Present of Auckland Anniversary Day
  • Auckland multi cultural, Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Nz Photo contest, December winner, support January contestants

Hillary Trail

Hillary Trail,

On January the 11th the anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary a group got together to commemorate the most famous New Zealander by following the Hillary Trail. The group consisted of 'Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award' participants, their outdoor instructors and some parents. The levels of award participants ranged from bronze, silver and gold. The commencing day was for all the same the ending varied according on the level the students were at. For a brief report of this outdoor adventure tour read on here....

Auckland Anniversary Day – Waitangi Day

The Monday closest to the 29th January is Auckland’s Anniversary Day. Do you know about its connection to the Waitangi Day?

Until recently I didn’t. I only enjoyed having two long weekends following one another! Since they are always jam packed with lots of activities around these are fun weekends to look forward to. On the Anniversary weekend in Auckland takes place the 'Seafood Festival', the 'Busker Festival' and a 'One Day Regatta' on the Anniversary Day itself. Of these we enjoyed the Busker Festival very much. Read on to take a peak in the historic foundations of Anniversary Day and Waitangi Day and the role William Hobson played in it...

Chinese Lantern Festival

February the 3rd to the 5th the Chinese Lantern Festival takes place in the heart of Auckland, in Albert Park. This festival is an expression of New Zealand’s multi cultural society. The Chinese population of Auckland shares with all Aucklanders the beginning of the Chinese New Year with their traditional lantern display accompanied with a fantastic selection on performing artists showing traditional and modern performances.

The year 2012 stands under the sign of the dragon, we will be very much looking forward to new lanterns on display and following some fantastic artists performing on stage, enjoying traditional Chinese specialities and the final highlight. It is a firework that finalizes the evening on Sunday. For an event impression of the previous Chinese Lantern Festival click here!

Waitangi Day

The Waitangi Day follows then on Monday. It is the day to commemorate the Treaty of Waitangi. It is a day where music events are all around Auckland. Find out more about places and Auckland events...

New Zealand Photo Contest


Now I am very happy to announce, that Matt Hunter from Auckland won the December contest with his photo 'Pohutukawa' which gave him the coverage throughout our website for the entire January. Please review our January contestants and let them know by clicking on the social buttons how you like their submission to the NZ digital photo contest. In  case you would like to take part we would love to see your photo and hear about your NZ story.

This concludes our West Auckland Fan-zine. Keep in mind we love to hear any ideas and thoughts, or what you may be interested in.

Take care and have a fantastic February,


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