April 2012, Issue #004

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great March.

Overview for this issue:

  • NZ Photo Contest, February winner, support March contestants
  • Safe driving tips - change of road rules
  • How to stay in contact with New-Zealand-vacations.com
  • Website building revolution

New Zealand Photo Contest

Moonrise over the Bays

Now I am very happy to announce, that Anette van Heerden from Auckland with her photo 'Moonrise over the Bays' won the February contest.  The photo took its place on top of the second column  throughout our website for the entire March. Please review our March contestants and let them know by clicking on the social buttons how you like their submission to the NZ digital photo contest. In case you would like to take part we would love to see your photo and hear about your NZ story.

Change of Road Rules

The 25 th March set New Zealand road users in excitement. Since the seventies NZ set itself apart of most other countries in regards to the turning left rule. Many New Zealand visitors had to be extra cautious while driving here. The 25th reallined this rule. Turning left on a road where the traffic goes on has now priority to those turning right of the oposing site. To make it easier to understand there are two Youtube clips on the Safe Driving Tips page...

ANZAC Day - ANZAC Biscuits

The 25th of April, a public holiday, is called ANZAC Day, which is celebrated by New Zealand and Australia. It is the most important day to remember and honour soldiers who landed in Gallipoli (Turkey), during the First World War. Today however the day remembers all soldiers who lost their lives in war and honours returned service men and woman.

ANZAC Biscuits

An act of comemoration is also the tradition to bake very yummy biscuits. RSA's sometimes sell them to raise funds. Made of ingredients that hold for a long time they used to fill the packets from home as a special treat. Try ANZAC biscuits for yourself. Should you feel intrigued put a comment under the recipe how they turned out!

Website revolution

Last month also was a month of celebration for SBI! The one hundredthousandst person like Sitesell on Facebook and the release of BlockBuilder 2 in short BB2. Part of this celebration was a photo contest run via FB. Take a peak and support the participants with your vote.

How this affects anyone building a website with it?

It looks incredible smart and easy Facebook and Twitter are full of praise of people just starting to use this sensational new tool. It makes it  so much more achievable for anyone to show off professional content on a professional looking website. HAPPY exploring!

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