March 2012, Issue #003

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great February.

Overview for this issue:

  • People living in New Zealand
  • NZ Photo contest, January winner, support February contestants
  • Photos of the 'Chinese Lantern Festival' in Auckland
  • Auckland events to look forward to in March
  • Tip for website owners and soon to bes

People Living In New Zealand

Last week I talked to a friend in Germany whose colleague voiced disappointment about the people living in NZ upon returning home from her travels. 

Sometimes I get the impression the further we travel the more it is done just for thrill of difference.

NZ history is interlinked with the Commonwealth therefore many things remind on the European way, since this group of ethnicity has the highest population numbers. The colour shades and sometimes surprising solutions result from the Maori the first migrants and the many ethnic groups that made NZ their home over time. To learn more about the ethnic groups living here and how they shaped the way NZ celebrates read on about the population of New Zealand...

New Zealand Photo Contest

Views over Rangitoto

Now I am very happy to announce, that Marie Waters from Auckland won the January contest with her photo 'Views over Rangitoto' which gave her the coverage throughout our website for the entire February. Please review our February contestants and let them know by clicking on the social buttons how you like their submission to the NZ digital photo contest. In case you would like to take part we would love to see your photo and hear about your NZ story.

Chinese Lantern Festival

The lantern festival from the 3rd to the 5th February took place in the heart of Auckland, in Albert Park. Aucklanders came to view lanterns on topics borrowed of Chinese mythology, everyday life in China and representing NZ and Chinese relationship. The growing darkness made the versatile display more and more interesting to view. Find some of the photos we took this year on our Facebook Page! Once there like us and join our growing community. All in all it was a great evening out with lots of children activities like making a hand sculpture of wax, bouncy swing, and bubble fun. On the stages Auckland's martial art groups gave a glimpse into their activities, and Chinese and other performer entertained on the second stage. Around 10pm the countdown started to peak in a thrilling fire work display.

March Events

The March is filled with a selection on interesting Auckland events.

    • There are the 14 free 'Movie Open Air Nights' and 15 'Music in the Park' events spread all around Auckland.
    • A two day celebration from the 9th to the 10th March takes place at Western Springs in form of the 20th Pacifika Festival. This again shows reference to New Zealand's multi cultural background.
    • 18th March Round the Bays Run
    • On the 24 and the 25 West Artists Open Studio Weekend
    • 29th March - 1 April Titirangi Music Festival

Tip For Website Owners And Soon To Bes

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This concludes our West Auckland Fan-zine. Please, keep in mind we love to hear any ideas and thoughts, or what you might be interested in. Therefore do not hesitate to contact NZ vacations!

Take care and have a fantastic March,


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