New Beginning

We wish a 'Happy New Year' to all subscribers of 'West Auckland Fans'.

Hope this edition finds you well and looking forward to a bright and happy 2012 filled with many happy travels.

'New Beginnings', they are carrier of change to whatever we took fancy to. Personally I love their promise so much that our logo is based on the koru. It is a Maori symbol that finds its counterpart in nature through an unfurling fern frond standing for new beginnings, growth and balance.

New Zealand is very fond of this particular symbol and it reoccurs on many occasions. Plenty of well known logos found their inspiration in it and artists use it in their work.

    Read more about the silver fern one of NZ's most famous tree ferns.

A New Years Gift

This year we prepared a downloadable and printable photo-calendar. Click here for the monthly 2012 Photo Calendar in pdf format that fits perfectly in a CD stand on your desk. The second link is to download the 2012 yearly calendar. Have fun!

Vote for your favourite photo

Each month a NZ photo contest is held. The winner is chosen by site visitors who give their vote by pressing one or more of their preferred social media button.

Site development

The site development took longer than anticipated which resulted in a long wait for some of our subscribers, my apologies for that. As the site grew and still does my knowledge about New Zealand and running a web-business with SBI! evolved, too. The decision building the New Zealand site with SBI! proofed to be the best experience I made online.

Often this is a special time of the year for reflection and re-evaluation of relations, conditions and circumstances. Plans are made and goals are adjusted for the upcoming year. For this reason I would like to share this once a year offer between Christmas and the 3rd of January, that enables to get 2 sites for one price. So everyone who ever toyed with the idea starting a small online business this is the right time to do so. SBI! offers all what is needed to be the vehicle of change as long as you are prepared to work it.

Greetings from New Zealand,



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